About the teacher

 Bogi Inkret Consulting Hypnotist, Self-hypnosis Teacher Munay-ki instructor and Inka Healer

As I was growing up I was always interested to know why one person is happy and successful while the other one isn’t. I was reading books, going for seminars and started to work in Human Resources. After a few years in an  MNC I realised I want to do more for people than this. That’s when I met with  hypnosis. I immediately knew this is what I need to do. So hypnosis became my first passion. I became a Consulting Hypnotist and a Self-Hypnosis teacher. This was all in Asia, where I was living at that time.


After spending 3 years there I went to South America to learn from an Inka Priest. I spent 1 year there, living in different countries and learning all sorts of things from the Inka Priest, from samans and other healers. This was also where I met with the Munay-ki. Again I immediately knew this is another thing what I need to share with others.

After spending 4 years abroad I moved back to Hungary to share all what I have learnt  from my masters. Share the different techniques such as 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, Munay-ki, Pranic Healing, Reconnection Healing, Yoga etc. and other insights about consciousness, harmony and love.


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